The Role of Policy Makers and Practitioners in implementing the SDGs


UNA Tanzania is at the heart of the implementation of the SDGs with a target to leaving no one behind, in the next ten years.

In the last two years, UNA Tanzania has devoted to spreading the word to top decision-makers to incorporating the government actions and budget to match and work on the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals, where we are proud that the Parliamentarians have an SDG workgroup that discusses the way forward to Agenda 2030. Inline to that, UNA conducts time to time capacity building, to the Members of Parliaments and the President’s Office Regional Administration and Local Government officers with the emphasis on how to amplify the role of LGA Policies with the SDGs in the next ten years. Discussions were made on the SDGs as an umbrella, broken down to different topics such as taxation, and digitalization of records, and more so gained experience from our partners in Finland on how they are committed to making SDGs part of their daily duties to its success.