Media Advocacy on 4%


UNA Tanzania participated in The Power Breakfast radio programme on Clouds Media, a wide known and most listened to radio show in Tanzania. The show participation aimed to speak and inform the mass about UNA Tanzania and the work that its committed to but more particularly on the Youth Economic Sustainability with the Livelihood Programme funded by the Foundation for Civil Society in Tanzania.

Our programme officer also highlighted the 4% loan given to youth, as part of the 10% loan given to Youth, Women and People with Disabilities (4%, 4%, 2%) respectively showing how UNA Tanzania follows up closely on the Implementation of this policy but also provide awareness on the terms and opportunities to access this funding.

Questions and recommendations came from the mass through online and calls concerning how UNA Tanzania can reach out further to more of its target groups particularly and better ways to advice the Government of Tanzania on the polish of the policy for the benefit of more youth to fit in since UNAT works on a national level with the President’s Office – Regional Authorities and  Local Government.