UNA Tanzania contributes to this year’s CSOs Universal Periodic Review Report

The Universal Periodic Review (UPR) is a unique Human Rights analysis that is conducted by all UN Member States. It provides an in-depth review of member states’ Human Rights records and their compliance to international regulations. Established in 2006, its aim is to improve the Human Rights situation worldwide and address all violations whenever and wherever they occur. The UPR process is conducted every four years, with the next review scheduled for 2021.

The UPR mechanism is subdivided into three-stages: the review of the human rights situation of the State under Review; implementation of the recommendations received and the voluntary pledges made; and reporting at the next review on the implementation of those recommendations and pledges regarding the human rights situation in the country. Within this process, NGOs play an important role by conducting national consultations and preparing detailed reports that compile information on the country’s human rights status during the four-and-a-half-year period since the last review was carried out. It is at this stage where follow up is done to determine whether state parties implemented all recommendations that were accepted in 2016.

According to the United Nations OHCHR schedule, Tanzania will be reviewed in October 2021. Meaning, NGOs and the Government are required to develop reports that will be submitted for the actual review in Geneva in 2021. NGOs are to submit their report before March 2021.

As the 2021 actual review draws close, NGOs, government, and other human rights stakeholders in Tanzania are currently preparing for the third review of our country; overseen by 3 parties, Tanzania Human Rights Coalition, Legal Human Rights Center and Save the Children. And, as the first step, this tripartite collaboration conducted a 2-day refresher course in which UNA Tanzania participated in. The objective of this training was to refresh minds and impart knowledge to respective NGOs to ensure full participation in the data collection, report writing and submission processes and participation in the actual review in Geneva.