As youth voices are a niche to us and to development, on 21st October 2020, UNA Tanzania brought together youth led/serving organizations in a discussion essential to gather recommendations from FYDP II and inputs to enrich the coming FYDP III a sendoff plan for the Tanzania Development Vision 2025.

Tanzania Youth are acknowledged assets important into national development planning and implementation frameworks for the benefit of the country. Heading to the Five Year Development Plan III formulation, views and insights addressing youth issues and priorities are of importance considering their potential workforce.

The consultation was a blend of youth representatives from youth led and serving organizations from different sectors involving 30 participants (12 female and 18 male). This consultation focused on four main thematic areas namely;

  • Education,
  • Health,
  • 21st century skills
  • Youth Economic Rights.

The challenges, recommendation and inputs given were centered on Competitiveness, export growth and efficiency enhancement and innovation. Way forward, the consultations will be consolidated in the process of developing, strengthening or implementing frameworks for youth empowerment and mainstreamed participation.

Young people immersed in discussions on the recommendations for the FYDP III on Education and 21st Century Skills.