Dr. Wilberforce E. Meena from HakiElimu presenting consultation inputs on the education sector.

The FYDP III is the coming National Plan which will be implemented from 2021/22 to 2025/26 and marks the end of the Long Term Perspective Plans (LTPPs) started in 2011/12. As its processes are underway, UNA Tanzania as Co-conveners of the Sustainable Development Platform facilitated and supported a 2 days, Civil Society Organizations consultation on the Five Year Development Plan (FYDP) III 2021/22-2024/25 which succeeds FYDP II (2016/17-2020/21). 

The Plan’s theme “Realizing Competitiveness-led Export Growth” contributes to the FYDP II theme on “Nurturing Industrialization for Economic Transformation and Human Development” and the Tanzania Development Vision 2025 which aspires to have Tanzania transformed into a middle income and semi industrialized nation by 2025.

The consultation brought together civil society organizations representatives from different parts of Tanzania and a diverse range of sectors including education, health, climate change, gender, governance and agriculture. It involved a total number of 25 participants (10 female and 15 male), from organizations such as FCS, TGNP, Policy Forum, Twaweza, Hakielimu, Hakiardhi, and Forum for Climate Change, ANSAF and Restless Development were among to be involved.