CSO WEEK 2021: CSOs and the FYDP III – Opportunities for Transformative Collaboration

The Tanzania Sustainable Development Platform (TSDP) to which UNA Tanzania are co-conveners focuses on enhancing a multi-stakeholder contributions and dialogue on shaping CSOs role in effective participation in the implementation and monitoring of the SDGs in Tanzania. Last year, with the recognition of the TSDP in the National Coordination Framework for the Implementation, Monitoring and Evaluation of the SDGs in Tanzania by the Ministry of Finance and Planning, the platform was relied on to conduct consultations for FYDP III (2021/22 -2025/26) until its launch June, 2021.

Given the importance of the multi stakeholders involvement towards realizing FYDP III aspirations, Policy Forum , UNA Tanzania, and HakiRasilimali hosted a session titled “Non-State Actors and the FYDP III: Opportunities for Transformative Collaboration” during CSO week that will deep dive on the same. The session engaged the Ministry of Finance and Planning, The Tanzanian Private Sector Forum and National Council for NGOs each acknowledging the role of Civil Society in development.

UNA Tanzania Executive Director and co-convener of Tanzania Sustainable Development Platform, Mr Reynald Maeda, explained on how the TSDP coordinated CSOs during FYDP III consultations in line with thematic areas such as Gender, Agriculture, Youth, Education, Health, Governance, Accountability etc. He then finished by narrating TSDP initiatives geared toward the FYDP III implementation, monitoring and review as follows;

  • Simplified/popular version of the FYDP III
  • A Toolkit for Localization of the SDGs through FYDP III implementation in LGAs
  • Protocols to integrate civil society data as part of official statistics
  • Policy Brief on Youth engagement in the implementation of FYDP III