Terms of Reference

Title: Provision of Consultancy Services for Conducting Climate Risk Assessment in Mbugani, Kiegea, Kazania and Nghambi villages in Mpwapwa District-Dodoma

  1. Introduction United Nations Association of Tanzania (UNA Tanzania)

The United Nations Association of Tanzania is one of the oldest Civil Society Organizations in the country registered in 1964. It is located at Mikocheni B, Dar es salaam working to promote the principles and values of the United Nations (UN) in Tanzania. 

UNAT works with the URT and other partners to advocate the Sustainable Development Goals achievement by 2030, African Union (AU) agenda 2063 in order to make better lives of people in Tanzania without leaving no one behind. The organization is devoted to creating awareness and promoting advocacy in areas like climate change, youth, human rights, democracy, peace and security and governance.

UNA Tanzania is one of the implementers of Piloting of IAS K Regional Resilience Model in Tanzania with the main goal of enhancing the resilience capacity of Mbugani, Kiegea, Kazania and Nghambi communities in Mpwapwa through promoting sustainable management of natural resources and improved livelihoods. 

The main objectives are:

  1. To pilot a methodology for climate resilience in Tanzania, based on the IAS Kenya Model
  2. To create an enabling environment and favorable conditions for communities to adopt and scale-up resilience practices

2. The assignment and timeline

To conduct climate resilience research in Mbugani, Kiegea, Kazania and Nghambi villages in Mpwapwa District for 10 days in February 2023 (3 days for pre-field work, 4 days of field work and 3 days of report writing and documentation).

3. Budget

The consultant is required to propose an amount to be paid for Provision of Consultancy Services. The Amount will be subject to 5% of withholding tax if the consultant has EFD receipt and 30% is deduction for the consultant with no EFD receipt.

4. Consultant Qualifications 

The Consultant is to meet the following expectations:

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Demonstrable and relevant consultant experience 
  • Knowledgeable on the National Climate Change framework and conducts the research in line with them.
  • Ability to drive critical analysis about policy, plans and legislations. 
  • Good knowledge of the climate issues in Tanzania and within Mpwapwa. 
  • Able to complete task within specified budget and timeline

5. Deliverables

The consultant is expected to identify climate change risk in the area, analyze and evaluate them and predict future risks and opportunities based on natural resources, water sources, and sustainable livelihood. 

The following will be the deliverables of the Risk Assessment consultant:

  • Conduct Impact assessment for vulnerable and disadvantaged communities. 
  • Identify nature-based solutions to reduce climate change impacts.
  • Evaluation of natural resources management, water sources and livelihood.
  • Identify and analyze local interventions to reduce exposures from climate vulnerabilities.
  • Identify and evaluate community engagement strategies to address climate resilience and communicate risks.
  • Alternative strategies, tools and approaches for enhancing climate resilience activities in Mpwapwa

6. UNA Tanzania’s contact person

Haika Simon, A Climate Change focal person at UNA Tanzania is the main contact person. Kindly send your cv, scope of work and proposed budget to before 17th February 2023.