UNA Tanzania in partnership with LM International and IAS Kenya will be implementing climate resilience project in Mpwapwa District which aims to pilot a 7 pillar regional resilience model in Tanzania to strengthen the ability of communities to cope and regulate effects of climate change.

From 3rd to 7th of April our Climate Resilience Officer Ms. Haika Simon paid courtesy visits at the Office of The District Commissioner of Mpwapwa, she met the DC Hon. Sophia Mfaume as well as  visited 4 villages of Ng’ambi ward to introduce and set the ground for the implementation of a climate resilience project in the district.

The visits went hand in hand with initiating a baseline survey in the district with the aim of conducting climate risk and environmental vulnerability assessment in order to pilot a methodology for climate resilience based on the IAS Kenya Model so as to create an enabling environment and favorable conditions for communities to adopt and scale-up climate resilience practices.