UNA Tanzania kick-started the campaign ‘Green Mondays, Green Decisions’. The main objective of the campaign is to contribute to raising awareness of the climate change agenda and influence people to make green decisions for the sustainability of the planet. The new campaign was launched at Ardhi University in Dar es Salaam, in commemoration of The World Environment Day 2023.

The campaign ‘Green Mondays, Green Decisions’ aims to sensitize people, such as youth, children, women, CSOs, and decision makers to make sustainable decisions for the planet. To be able to make sustainable choices, people need to know the importance of sustainability, and learn what they can do to ensure a sustainable future. The campaign aspires to provide people with clear and relevant information that links their choices to environmental outcomes, such as reducing greenhouse gas emissions, preserving biodiversity, and improving human health.

The launch consisted of a tree planting session, a panel discussion, a quiz to stimulate sensitization and a plenary discussion. The event influenced students to take action towards climate change, broadened their understanding of the importance of making green decisions and experiences on sustainability from individuals with diverse backgrounds was shared.

Speakers consisted of Doctor Nicholas Mwageni; Head of Disaster Risk Management Training Department from Ardhi University, who spoke of creating awareness of sustainability by increasing the number of environmentally-focused courses at the university. Mr. Msololo Onditi; Head of Programs from FORUM CC brought attention to the connection between every individual’s daily habits and climate change, and urged for the need of green initiatives. Ebenezer Mathew, from the 3rd best team in the 2022 Kesho Yetu Climate Hackathon conducted by UNA Tanzania, spoke of the urgency of the climate crisis and the power youth has in making environmental decisions. Happy Malunde, from the 2nd best team in the 2022 Kesho Yetu Climate Hackathon highlighted the link between health and the climate.

Ebenezer Mathew, from the 3rd best team in the 2022 Kesho Yetu Climate Hackathon during panel discussion

At the end of the event, students made pledges  and committment to protect the environment for their benefit and the benefit of the future generations.

“It is my call to every individual out there to participate making a better world, for I believe, together we can explore innovative ways to promote green living and encourage people to make environmentally conscious decisions to create a better tomorrow for our generation, said Herrieth Chuva, a student at the University of Dar es salaam.

Herrieth Chuva during tree planting activity at the launch