The SDGs Journalists and Storytelling Club convened a dynamic workshop on April 23, 2024, aimed at fortifying the implementation guidelines for the club’s sustainability. Attended by passionate members, the session fostered collaborative discussions on optimal strategies for club management and overall execution.

Drawing upon insights gleaned from the November 2023 workshop, where members shared invaluable feedback, the gathering delved into the feasibility of proposed actions. To ensure effective coordination, several operational guidelines were updated, and it was unanimously agreed to establish a liaison within the club who will collaborate closely with UNA Tanzania in ensuring seamless communication of club activities. Furthermore, various ways of motivation for recognizing the efforts of the club members in amplifying the SDGs and fostering progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were discussed.

Moreover, the workshop featured training sessions led by TAI Tanzania, with Padili James delivering expertise on storytelling techniques via websites and blogs. The sessions aimed to empower club members with innovative approaches to content creation and story presentation, nurturing their capabilities as storytellers and journalists.

Padili James from TAI Tanzania facilitating a session on storytelling techniques via websites and blogs

Through this collaborative endeavor, UNA Tanzania, through the SDGs Journalists and Storytelling Club, reaffirms its commitment to driving positive change through impactful storytelling and active engagement with the SDGs. With newfound insights and skills, members are poised to amplify their voices and contribute meaningfully to the advancement of sustainable development efforts in Tanzania.