The Tanzania Sustainable Development Platform (TSDP) co-convened by the United Nations Association of Tanzania launched a digital Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) inventory that redefines stakeholders engagement and collaboration in the realm of sustainable development goals (SDGs) worldwide. With a database of 1000 CSOs, the inventory elevates the visibility and connectivity of CSOs dedicated to advancing the 2030 Agenda. With a mission to implement a transparent, easily accessible inventory and digital mapping tool, the platform serves as a hub for CSOs tirelessly working towards achieving the United Nations SDGs.

The significance of this initiative lies in its potential to foster unprecedented levels of networking and collaboration within Tanzania’s civil society landscape and beyond. By compiling a verified inventory of CSOs and integrating them into a user-friendly digital platform, the platform is poised to break down silos and maximize the impact of collective action. Practically, The platforms efforts facilitates seamless access to information and cooperation among CSOs, connecting organizations based on their core areas of work aligned with the 17 SDGs and 169 targets. Through a series of roundtable zonal discussions conducted across Tanzania mainland and Zanzibar. Followed by identification and verification processes, the Tanzania Sustainable Development Platform not only increased awareness of the 2030 Agenda but also it empowers CSOs with the tool needed to effectively and notably unveil their contributions to the achievement of SDGs. Click the following link to access the inventory:

The launch was graced by The Registrar of Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) Ms. Vickness Mayao. She commended UNA Tanzania for pioneering this initative that not only compliments the NGOs Information System (NIS) it goes further to verify the information in order to obtain accurate information. UNA Tanzania highly appreciates the  Office of the Registrar of Non-Governmental Organizations for their significant collaboration throughout the endeavor. Moreover, calls upon associations and non-governmental organizations to support this initiative by registering in the database by clicing the following link: so as to esure CSOs contrubutions to sustainable development in the country is accounted.