Apply for the 2023 African Youth Summit

Global Changemakers is an international youth organization with a mission to support youth to create positive change towards more fair, just and sustainable communities. We do this through skills development, capacity building, mentoring and grants.

The Global Changemakers in collaboration with the ATKV have announced the fully funded 2023 African Youth Summit. The Regional Summit willtakeplace in Cape Town, South Africa from October 17th –20th, 2023.

A life-changing week of skill training, networking, and capacity building with 50 of Africa’s most influential young leaders will be open to changemakers aged 21 to 28 from or residing in Africa who are trying to make a positive impact in their communities. After the summit, they will become a part of a global network of more than 1200 Changemakers and be qualified to apply for grant money to expand and amplify their influence.

Eligibility: Changemakers from or residing in Africa, aged 21 to 28 trying to bring about positive change in their communities are eligible to apply.

Deadline: midnight Central African Time on 10 June 2023

More information and the application form can be found through the following link:





UNA Tanzania in partnership with CRISP Berlin are implementing The African UN Youth Delegate (AUNYD) Program in Tanzania. The Program is part of a regional movement implemented not only in Tanzania but also in Ethiopia, Kenya, Sudan, Uganda and South Sudan. The main aim is to increase representation of the youth from the Global South at the United Nations. The project capacitates East African youth and increases their visibility through workshops, skills trainings, and regional meetings. Apart from that the program seeks to enhance the work of UN Associations and organizations in the associated countries. The AUNYD is not an official part of the UN Youth Delegate Program. The UN Youth Delegate Program is driven and owned by UN Member States. Official Youth Delegates are always exclusively selected by UN Member States. The AUNYD we select have a better chance to become national UN Youth Delegates through our training and support.

From 24th to 28th May 2023 UNA Tanzania hosted the (East) African UN Youth Delegates in Dar es salaam, Tanzania for the second regional training. For 5 days the delegates were coached, mentored and received feedback from experts to sharpen their national & regional mandates, foster negotiations, networking, lobbying and advocacy skills as well as attain practical diplomatic skills through diplomatic simulations, all geared up to represent their fellow youth in the UN General Assembly later this year.

Noreen Toroka, Program Officer of the Kigoma Joint program at ILO in Tanzania facilitating a presentation on youth unemployment

The training involved presentations and feedback from experts on the fields of the delegates mandates; Youth Unemployment and Youth Participation. Noreen Toroka, Program Officer of the Kigoma Joint program at ILO in Tanzania facilitated a session on youth unemployment and Tausi Hassan, Program Analyst at UNFPA Tanzania facilitated a session on youth leadership and participation. In addition to that there was a special session on gender maintreaming facilitated by Rashida Shariff, Gender Expert at UNFPA Tanzania. This was especially designed to equip the delegates with the ability to maintstream gender into their mandates in order to adress gender inequalities.

Tausi Hassan, Program Analyst at UNFPA Tanzania facilitating a presentations on youth leadership and participation

Moreover, the delegates participated in simulation games facilitated by Frederick Broers and Jan Lucas, Project Coordinators at CRISP. One of the simulations involved UN Security Council meeting which exposed the delegates on negotiations, resolution creations, along with rules and procedures of the UN meetings. Another simulation game aimed to simulate a high-stake environment with dynamic landscape of stakeholders who possess diverse interests where the delegates interacted with in order to lobby and advocate for their mandates. Through this practical experience the delegates fostered networking, lobbying, advocacy and strategic thinking skills.

The African UN Youth Delegates on a simulation of the UN Security Council

Aside from that, the coordinators from the 6 countries were busy with sessions on project applications, member retention and fundraising strategies in order to create stronger UN Associations and organizations.

Reynald Maeda – UNA Tanzania Executive Director facilitating a session on member retention during coordinators sessions

“The second regional training was full of engaging discussions and fruitful dialogues, we delved into the pressing issue of youth unemployment, gaining valuable insights into the practical measures being implemented on the ground through a constructive dialogue with a representative from the International Labor Organization (ILO) in Tanzania. Additionally, we explored the issue of youth underrepresentation in global spaces gaining insights from a representative of UNFPA Tanzania. The training allowed us to thoroughly examine the challenges and brainstorm solutions. Together, we collectively organized our demands in a hierarchical manner and drew important conclusions” – Ebenezer Mathew, UN Youth Delegate from Tanzania.

Ebenezer Mathew – UN Youth Delegate from Tanzania providing inputs during discussions of the delegates mandates



On 19th May 2023 UNA Tanzania in partnership with The Foundation for Civil Society led CSOs task force comprised of TGNP, ANSAF, WAJIBU- Institute of Public Accountability, Policy forum and IDPC in a strategic advocacy meeting with The Presidents Office Regional Administrations and Local Governments (PO-RALG) to provide concerns and recommendations for the effective governance of the local councils 10% loans to youth, women and people with disabilities (PWDs).

Recently, the government has temporarily suspended the provision of the 10% loans, following the shortcomings in the management and administration as indicated in the report of the Controller and Auditor General of the Government (CAG) for the financial year 2021/22. Following up, The President of the United Republic of Tanzania Hon. Dr. Samia Suluhu Hassan instructed the adoption of financial institutional systems in order to strengthen the collection, disbursement and return of these funds.

The task force under the chairmanship of UNA-Tanzania, presented CSOs concerns to the PO-RALG officials. Among other things, the issue of using financial institutional systems such as commercial bank which poses many challenges for the target groups including access and possession of collaterals. The taskforce suggested the establishment of a Local Government Bank that will be able to focus on reaching the target groups easily.

Presenting on behalf of the taskforce, the Head of Program from UNA-Tanzania, Lucas Kifyasi said that, “the aim of the visit is to share concerns and suggestions after the temporary suspension of the current system used to govern the loans in order to facilitate evidence-based advocacy from the CSOs working directly with the targeted groups before the new structure and system is put in place. Apart from that to request stakeholders including CSOs to be part and parcel of the reform committee in order to provide room for community inputs”.

The Assistant Director for Governance & Community Development Division at PO-RALG, Steven Motambi, appreciated the taskforce for seeing the importance of communicating with the ministry before the process got too far. In addition, he advised the taskforce to prepare and submit to PO-RALG a model that CSOs proposes which will show best systems and structures to be used that will ensure the target groups benefits from the loans and challenges that have arisen in the past not to be repeated.



UNA Tanzania in partnership with CRISP Berlin are implementing The African UN Youth Delegate (AUNYD) Program in Tanzania. The Program is part of a regional movement implemented in Tanzania, Ethiopia, Kenya, Sudan, South Sudan and Uganda. The main aim is to increase representation of the youth from East Africa at the United Nations. The AUNYD is not an official part of the UN Youth Delegate Program. The UN Youth Delegate Program is driven and owned by UN Member States. Official Youth Delegates are always exclusively selected by UN Member States. The AUNYD we select have a better chance to become national UN Youth Delegates through our training and support.

After a long process of applications and reviews, 20 fellows were selected in each country. In Tanzania The 20 fellows have attended the National Education Assesment Workshop aimed at fostering their knowledge on; The UN systems, how young people can mobilize and offer active support to United Nations Associations in the country, Critical thinking, Creating a country/regional vision and the East Africa representation at the UN. To further the impact the fellows will undertake outreach activities in their communities based on the campaigns and skills they have build up from the workshop.

The 2023 Tanzania UN Yoth Fellows are from 9 regions; Geita, Kigoma, Mbeya, Kilimanjaro, Tanga, Unguja, Pemba, Dar es salaam and Coastal region. In which 10 are male and 10 are female.


Shamim is 24 years old from Dar es salaam region. She is an Environmental Activist and a Social Scientist. Through her climate activism she managed to become a YOUNGO Youth delegate for the Climate Finance Academy 2022, Tanzanian Female Youth Water Runners up winner on Water = Life photo exhibition organized by the Netherlands ministry of Water at The Hague ahead of COP27 and a TEDx Youth Speaker as well as Board of Youth in Our Resilient Project in the United Kingdom. She is also one of the Tanzanian Young female delegates at COY17 and COP27 in Sharm el Sheikh in Egypt.


LinkedIn: Shamim Zawadi




Ebenezer is 21 years old from Dar es salaam region. He is an aspiring social entrepreneur. He was part of the 2nd best team at the Kesho Yetu Climate Hack 2022 under UNA Tanzania. Currently he is serving as the Secretary General of the United Nation Chapter at The University of Dar e salaam as well as a member of the 2030 SDGs working group at the university. He also volunteers as the development officer at Lake Tanganyika Family Rehabilitation helping to build up the capacity of small-scale farmers to undertake climate-smart agriculture. Ebenezer hopes to one day be a leader, leading positive social change, influencing policy, connecting resources, driving partnerships and motivate people through his actions.






Abdul is 22 years old from Dar es salaam region. He is ambitious with a burning desire to achieve individual, firm, institutional, community and global development, thus awarded as a Global Goals (SDGs) champion by United Nations Tanzania in 2019. In 2022 he was awarded best organizing committee member of the Tanzania International Model United Nations (TIMUN). Abdul serves as a District Coordinator and Public Relations Officer at Great Hope Foundation under its signature program called Uwezo Award aimed at equipping young people with appropriate skills needed by the labor market. He is also the academic lead at Kijani Pamoja Africa which is the youth led movement that is aiming at joining different youth led organizations and individuals to tackle climate change and create green cities.





Khadija is 25 years old from Coastal region. She possess a Masters of Laws from the University of Dar es salaam, Post Graduate Diploma in Management of Foreign Relations and she is an advocate of the High Court of Tanzania. She is the founder of Hands for Children Organization with more than 8 years of experience advocating against gender-based violence and raising awareness to young boys and girls from 14-19 years. Khadija is looking forward to work more efficiently and effectively with other stakeholders so as to increase joint efforts in attaining Sustainable Development Goals and make her community better for all, especially youths as the current and the future generation.






JanethKareen is 23 years old from Dar es salaam. She is a social entrepreneur and IT trainer championing STEM for girls. She uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to tackle Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) and promote gender equality in Tanzania. Her company, PlateAI, provides personalized meal planning to manage NCDs such as diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. By leveraging the power of AI and data science, PlateAI helps improve health outcomes and reduce healthcare costs in Tanzania. Her passion for gender equality is evident in her work with Help to Help, an organization that has helped her achieve training over 400 girls in computer skills, empowering them with the tools and knowledge to pursue careers in technology and bridge the gender gap in employment opportunities. JanethKareen’s dedication and innovation in health technology have earned her recognition as a science and innovation champion at the University of Dar es Salaam. Her work aligns with several Sustainable Development Goals, including Good Health and Well-being, Quality Education, Gender Equality, and Decent Work and Economic Growth. She exemplifies the potential of technology to create positive change and contribute to a more sustainable and equitable future for all Tanzanians.




Faiza is 22 years old from Unguja, Zanzibar. She is passionate about entrepreneurship and community development. She is pursuing a bachelor degree of project planning, management and community development at the University of Dodoma. She is the CEO of Faiza Spices focusing on selling the exquisite spices from the island of Zanzibar. Her community development passion drives her volunteerism spirit. In 2022 she was awarded an Outstanding Volunteer in Environmental Conservation by ZanChangmakers. To top it all up she became one among the 2022 Mwalimu Nyerere Pan-African Young Leaders Fellow in 2022.






Kelvin is 24 years old from Dar es salaam region. He is a Chemical and Process Engineer who is committed to using his skills and knowledge to help the society. Throughout his academic and professional career, he has actively sought out opportunities to make a positive impact, whether through community service or volunteer work. Kelvin possesses strong passion for innovation, environment and sustainability. He is dedicated to finding solutions that improve people’s lives while minimizing environmental impact. As an environmental enthusiast, Kelvin was able to successfully perform a project on decolorization of soft drinks effluents by using an eco-friendly method of biological decolorization. He seeks to adapt and respond to the challenges facing our community especially youth by inspiring fellow youth to engage in voicing out and advocating solutions and changes to pressing issues facing them.





Doreen is 18 years old from Dar es salaam Region. She is an Author and an Environmental advocate. She is the founder of Plant4Life; an afforestation programs, especially in schools. She is also the founder of Recycling4Good which advocates for waste-to-energy and raises awareness about climate change in schools. Apart from that Doreen is a Founder of TeensMeet, an initiative with the objective of empowering young people especially in rural areas to achieve their full potential; it has reached more than 500 young boys and girls so far. Doreen is a passionate young changemaker who believes real change begins with young people, NOW!






Ibrahim is 28 years old from Pemba, Zanzibar. He is very passionate about leadership. He is the Founder of Hope and care youth organization which aims at advocating against violence and sexual harassment to women and children. He Initiated #mthamini Campaign which distributes anitary pads to adolescent girls living in school dormitories with the aim of making them feel confident all the time and be able to effectively and attentively participate in class. In his leadership pursuit Ibrahim has served as the Former Chairperson of the Council of young people in Chanjaani Chake-Chake Pemba under the Zanzibar youth council.






Albert is a diplomacy and international relations expert from the Mozambique-Tanzania Centre for Foreign Relations in Dar es salaam and a Humanitarian. He is the founder of the TR (Together with Refugees) Foundation, a humanitarian cause that is at the center of advancing the welfare of refugee communities in Tanzania through provision of humanitarian aid and vocational training to the refugees. Albert is also the ambassador of the Pink Box Initiative, a Nonprofit organization, that works to advance sustainable health practices (SRHR & WASH), female education and economic empowerment in Tanzania and Rwanda. Apart from that he is a writer, free-lance researcher and a creative persona.





Lilian is a visual artist and Disability rights activist from Kilimanjaro region with a diploma in Finance and banking from Institute of Accountancy Arusha. Through creative arts, crafts and illustrations she focuses on presenting art for art’s sake, the beauty of art and its functional value. She aims at telling different beautiful stories and using art as a voice in advocating for disabled persons, telling their stories and what matters, hence a story teller. She’s currently volunteering at Songambele initiative advocating for better lives for disabled children and women. Lilian was the 2nd winner in the Arts for human right competition under Mulika Tanzania in 2022. She also had an opportunity to organize and ran an art workshop about visualizing and verbalizing challenges and opportunities for girls and women at the Swedish ambassador’s residence as well as in The 2021 100 Tanzanian sheroes book launch. In 2020 she was honored to be named among 100 Tanzanian sheroes for her advocacy through art.





Eric is 26 years old from Tanga Region. He is an expert in development planning, He is a member of the youth sounding board at the Swiss embassy in Tanzania. Erick is driven to address many of the issues affecting youth in his community, such as access to quality education, gender equality, decent work, and economic growth, as well as ensuring that as partners are involved in achieving the intended goals. Erick is flexible, adaptable, a team player, and a problem solver.








Elizabeth is 28 years old from Dar es salaam region. She is an Environmental Health Officer, currently working at Julius Nyerere International Airport, Dar es Salaam, under the Ministry of Health Tanzania. She was involved in the design, implementation, and evaluation of the National Sanitation and Hygiene Behavior Change Communication Campaign, famously known as ‘Nyumba Ni Choo’, one of the very successful campaigns in the country. Elizabeth is a Covid-19 vaccination champion, advocating for covid-19 vaccination uptake under the Africa Union Bingwa initiative at Africa CDC. Elizabeth believes that youths are the key to positive societal changes toward attaining SDGs.






Abdallah is 25 years old from Unguja, Zanzibar. He is a social entrepreneur and the founder of Ziocean Tours & Travels. A travel agency in the beautiful island of Zanzibar. He is the Program Officer at Pamoja Youth Initiative. Abdallah has always been involving himself into activities of empowering his fellow young people to unleash their potential through building their soft skills by providing training to them, inspiring and advising them on the best way possible in order to improve their lives and be able to tackle any challenge be it socio-cultural, political and even economical to the youths and contribute to the sustainable development goals (SDGs) in his community, country and the world at large.






Erick is 27 years old from Dar es salaam region. He is an Environmental scientist, Researcher, and Geographical information system (GIS) specialist. He is currently serving as a YouthMappers regional ambassador for the YouthMappers Program funded by USAID and supports university-led chapters in the East African region, where he is striving to share his skills in open mapping to support data-based decisions and solving community climate-related challenges. Also, as the National Focal point for the United Federation of Youth for water and climate (UN1FY), He dreams to see a network of team players among youth who are focused on finding solutions for their communities by giving out insights and educating their local community, especially marginalized groups through capacity development and giving voice to youth to create team players among themselves in addressing climate and water-related challenges. Erick is also a co-founder of a non-governmental organization “GeoTE TANZANIA” which aims at using Geospatial technology to help address sustainable development goals. As a researcher, Erick published the article titled “Analysis of the Current and Future Land Use/Land Cover Changes in Peri-Urban Areas of Dar es Salaam City, Tanzania using Remote Sensing and GIS Techniques” in the Tanzania Journal of Science.

Portfolio: | Erick Tamba Mnyali





Ms. Suzane Sylvester is a remarkable, energetic and active 25 years old from Dar es salaam whose ambition is making positive impacts on youth matters in the community through advocating for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) with over 3 years working experiences in international organizations. Following her long-age leadership ambition, Ms. Suzane participated in the most world known fellowship called “Nasser Fellowship” for International Leadership in 2022. Ms. Sylvester was also featured in one of the 60 outstanding youngsters of the first ever Mwalimu Nyerere Pan African Young Leaders Fellowship in 2022. She’s currently serving as the Coordinator of the Tanzania International Model United Nations (TIMUN) 2023 under Youth of the United Nations (YUNA) Tanzania. Suzane was recently called for “Youth Volunteers Forum” 3rd Cohort 2023; an International Volunteers’ Forum happening in Zanzibar, Tanzania as a Panelist to talk about her volunteering journey in relation to leadership.





Derrick is 22 years old from Mbeya region. He is UNICEFs Youth and Children Champion. He is a Bachelor of Laws Student in his final year at Mzumbe University and Multiple Award Winner. Currently he is the President of the Tanzania Human Rights Network. Derrick is a U-Report Country Representative under UNICEF Tanzania. He was named Best 30 Future African Leader Award Winner in 2020 and 2021 hosted in Nigeria. To add up he works with Grassroots Trust which is an International Organization aimig to impact the Tanzanian children in accessing education. He specializes in Youth and community development programs particularly in the area of Child Rights and Quality Education. Derrick is a strong believer in the power of positive thinking and analogy ideas in the workplace, an Open-minded person who wants to learn and work tireless to create spaces for others to thrive.





Salma is 31 years old from Kigoma. She is the Founder & Executive Director of Jali Maisha Foundation whose vision is to achieve a free society that is stable in taking care of women and children for sustainable development, under the following key thematic areas: Gender and protection, health and wellbeing, quality education for all, economic and climate justice. She launched ‘Ithamini Hedhi Yake’ (Value her menstruation) campaign aimed at creating and increasing reproductive health awareness to young adolescent school girls from poor families and support them with necessary menstrual kit. The campaign started 2021. To date it has supported more than 1000 school girls. She is also a member of Action Aid Tanzania youth hub and UNICEF’s Tanzania Youth advocate and child rights champion.






Jeremiah is 24 years old from from Geita region. He is a Sociologist specialized in Social Policy and administration. He serves as a Chairperson of Mobilization and registration at ‘Shujaa wa Maendeleo na Ustawi wa Jamii Tanzania’ (SMAUJATA) in Geita Town Council where he mobiizes the community to join efforts for the national campaign against gender-based violence in Tanzania established in 2022 under the Ministry of Community Development, Gender, Women and Special Groups. Jeremiah is determined to see himself and other Tanzanian youth drive to achieve what can be defined to us as development.






Kitu is 26 years old from Dar es salaam region. She is the Program Assistant on advocacy for Sexual & Reproductive Health Right at AFRIYAN Tanzania. Kitu is passionate about the health of young people. Much of her interest is on sexual reproductive health and mental health. She believes good health and wellbeing is key for youth development.







United  Nation Development Programme(UNDP) and Samsung Mobile are expanding Generation17, an initiative aimed at empowering young change makers to achieve the 17 Global goals by providing resources,network,knowledge and global platforms.


  • Applicants must be between 18-30 years of age
  • Have an actively operating organization or initiative that addresses multiple Global goals and represents a range of focus areas.
  • Have demonstrated experiences working to advance the Global goals
  • Have an ongoing support from the local community.
  • Be active on social media or willing to engage.
  • Have a good communication and leadership skills with commitment to solving social challenges and the potential to inspire others.
  • Applicant must submit all requested documents, an introductory video, bio, additional information on their work and links to all active social media channels.

The call for Application is open until: May 7th 2023 12:00 AM EST

Additional Information and application form can be found through;