UNA Tanzania advocating for the amendment of anti-Trafficking in Persons Act no.6/2008.

Strategic Engagement Advocacy Meeting

On 27th May 2022, UNA Tanzania with the support of Pact Tanzania organized a strategic engagement advocacy meeting in Morogoro. The strategic meeting involved the representative from Ant-Trafficking Secretariat and Civil Society Organization (CSOs) as a means to steer up actions towards the incorporation of the recommendations in the Anti-Trafficking in Persons Act No.6/2008. During the meeting 24 representatives from CSOs were present. Out of them 9 were female and 15 males.

The purpose of the advocacy meeting was to present the recommendations resulted after validation meeting hosted on 26th May 2022. Following the presentation, the representative from Anti-Trafficking in Persons presented the position of the Committee subject to the review and amendments of the Act No. 6/2008.

Mr. Selestine Makoba, a representative from the Anti-Trafficking Secretariat appreciated the efforts shown by the participants and UNA Tanzania for getting together stakeholders for the consultations.  He stated that, “The purpose of human trafficking is exploitation, it is bad and we must join hands together to combat it. There are many improvements to be made to the act and it is important to make them and even make sure they come out this year for the benefit of the whole community”.