Our Youth Engagement

YUNA Tanzania

The Youth of United Nations Association of Tanzania or YUNA Tanzania serves as our Youth Wing comprising of a group of dynamic young people as a youth section of UNA Tanzania.

YUNA has since grown to have membership in schools and universities across the country; with over 35,000 members in Secondary Schools through 200 UN Clubs and 35 UN Chapters in Universities.

An important part of the organization’s activities is the organizing of Model United Nations General Assemblies. These activities have proved an important learning platform for young people, to exercise diplomacy, negotiation and implement a nation’s international policy and development position – much akin to the work done by the United Nations General Assembly and its committees.

We support YUNA Tanzania in making sure more young people in Schools and Universities are drawn to understand the Global Agenda and take part in its implementation.

Youth Economic Rights and Participation in Decision Making

The majority of the Tanzanian youth, young women and disadvantage groups are vulnerable to poverty and are likely to be left behind. The lack of employment and meaningful livelihood means that they do not have power or influence over their own lives. UNA Tanzania works on them knowing their economic rights and meaningful participation in decision making with a focus on enabling young men, women and disadvantaged groups in Tanzania to freely decide on their social-economic development. 

Our  economic rights and decision making program which brings urban and rural women, youth and disadvantaged groups together in small groups to initiate income generating activities, save money, access credit and start small businesses, has reached more than 30000 people in 8 regions. 

We use an integrated approach to holistically prepare women, youth and disadvantaged groups to be resilient to unforeseen shocks. We meet those challenged by unemployment and poverty where they are, and deliver the skills and tools they need to address root causes, adjust to the often-shifting social and economic landscape around them, and become income-secure.

Financial Inclusion

We facilitate and improve equitable access to capital and financial services and products such as Empowerment loans for Women, Youth and People with Disabilities set from 10% of local councils own source revenue and Youth Development Funds available at the President Offices and Prime Ministries Office.

Enterprise development

We facilitate development of competitive small and medium enterprise to create employment and increase incomes with market-driven vocational training and skills training, with a focus on impoverished women, youth and disadvantaged groups self-sufficiency and lasting impact.

Economic Rights and Justice

We address injustices and inequalities by reducing forced labor and labor rights violations among vulnerable populations such teen mothers and domestic worker and marching-guys and those in informal sector, by improving
their economic participation in quality jobs.

Capacity Building of CSOs

We strengthen capacity of 27 grassroots youth led and serving organizations in 8 regions across Tanzania  in order to advocate for an enabling environment for young women, men and disadvantaged groups economic rights and participation in decision-making and to be able to lend their voices in addressing social and economic challenges that they face.

Youth participation in leadership and decision making:

UNA Tanzania provides technical support towards advancing young men and women’s and disadvantaged group participation in leadership and decision making at all levels of society as well as empowering them through targeted efforts such as the use of the community roadmap that promotes joint decision making at community level.