The United Nations Association of Tanzania is one of the oldest Civil Society Organizations in the country registered in 1964. It’s office is located in Mikocheni street, Mikocheni B, Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania.

The organization is entirely devoted to supporting the purposes and principles of the United Nations Charter, promoting public awareness and understanding of the activities of United Nations and its agencies. Moreover, it strives for the recognition of respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms throughout the Tanzania and the World.

Our Mission is to carry out capacity building, education, advocacy, lobbying and activism activities to increase stakeholders’ influence and participation in implementing UN agenda in Tanzania.

We envision a strong peoples’ movement in support of ideals, principles and purposes of the United Nations in Tanzania.

The UNA Tanzania Organization Chart has three distinct levels. These are the Annual General Meeting, the Executive Committee and the Secretariat. Composition at each level is constituted by different processes.

The Annual General Meeting and the Extra Ordinary Annual General Meeting brings together members of the organization. This is the highest decision-making body of the association. Delegation to the AGM is made of five (5) voting representatives of each official branch.

The Executive Committee is made up of 11 members. Nine (9) members are elected and two (2) are appointed officials. See the “UNA Board” page for more information. The committee is led by a Chairperson.

The Secretariat is led by the Secretary-General and Deputy Secretary-General. They lead a team of Admin, Program and Support Staff. These are all appointed (employed) officials. On some occasions, this team also includes volunteers and interns.

The chart below provides a pictorial illustration. See the map description for more information on linkages.

50 years of Working Experience: UNA Tanzania has been operating in the civil society community for about 5 decades. Our exceptional history and experience stretch back from 1964, with our most productive tenure from 1996.

Establishment of Commission of Human Rights and Good Governance: UNA Tanzania led a team of 10 NGOs to collate public opinion, participate in developing legislation and lobby parliament, for the establishment of a Commission Human Rights and Good Governance in Tanzania. The institution has now been in operation since 2001. UNA Tanzania is recognized for this endeavor and sends representation in the commissioner’s selection.

2001 Media Policy Development: UNA Tanzania led a team of NGOs, in collaboration with Article 91, to conduct consultations towards the development of the Tanzania Media Policy of 2001. The conviction behind the exercise was to work towards enhancing the functioning of a free, independent and responsible media in Tanzania.

Leading role in campaigning for MDGs awareness, implementation and stakeholders’ engagement. The organization has worked in over 10 regions in the country and has partnered with the UNAs of Kenya, Uganda, South Africa and Sweden in the process.

MKUKUTA II Consultations in 2010: UNA Tanzania participated in the CSO consultations towards the development of the second National Strategy for Growth and Poverty Reduction (NSGPR) or MKUKUTA II. UNA Tanzania led consultations in the Lake Zone region and was part of the technical committee submitting the CSOs position to the review and drafting process during the 2010 National Policy Dialogue.

International Engagement: UNA Tanzania has not only been actively engaging in National processes but also at the International level. We are participating in various UN processes including General Assembly, Conference of Parties (COP), the ICPD Beyond 2014 and the Post 2015 agenda consultations.

YUNA Tanzania, National MUN, EARMUN, and ARMUN: an important part of the UNA Tanzania history is the establishment of our youth wing in 1996, which went on to seek registration in 2005. Through the youth wing, more than 12 National Model United Nations (MUN) has been conducted. In 2006, in collaboration with the UNAs of Kenya and Uganda, and the UNA Youth of Kenya, we organized the first Eastern Africa Regional MUN (EARMUN) and ever since, 4 events have been held. This was a result of an Africa-wide MUN (ARMUN) that was conducted in South Africa, in collaboration with the UNA of South Africa and their Stellenbosch University Chapter.

Coordinated Observance of 50th Anniversary of the UN Declaration of Human Rights.

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Internship Programmes



Hello everyone!
My name is Sauda Luzze and I’m a 21 years old student from Sweden. This fall I will be working as an intern from Swedish UNA ( United Nations Association). To my everyday life in Sweden, I study Economics and politics at the University of Södertörn. Besides my studies I work as a youth leader for Democracy Cultivation while I am project manager for the discussion group Afroboost as well an assistance for the bookclub “Blacklist” who promotes authors from Africa continent and its diaspora.
I was the first this year to received a scholarship from UNESCO-LUCS which allowed me to visit UNESCO headquarter in Paris and see their work ‘in action’ and now I’m here working for UNA Tanzania.

Time flies and anxiety creeps into my head when I realize that it has already been two months since I landed at the Julius Nyerere airport here in Dar es Salaam. I feel so incredibly good here in Tanzania, the people are more than friendly and the environment is so beautiful. Also both the accommodation and placement provided by UNA Sweden could not have been better.

UNA Tanzania is a warm office filled with intelligent, creative and open-minded people that are really engaged in the work they do. My job has so far consisted in writing different project applications, attending meetings and seminars, write articles and reports as well visits with future potential partners. Last but not least, I prepare the project I will be working with her in Tanzania. Every day has something new to offer and I’m growing by every situation I’m presented to.

During my time here met an incredible number of inspiring people, participated in local arranged lectures, debates which have made this stay a thousand times better than it already is.

Kind regards,
Sauda Luzze


My name is Ingrid Perbo and I am a 22 years old student from Sweden who will be doing an internship here at UNA Tanzania for about three months. In Sweden, I have studied Global studies with a major in International Relations and Social Anthropology. I studied and worked a lot with issues concerning human rights and sustainable development and I hope that my time in Tanzania will educate me further on these important issues. I’m sure that I will learn and grow a lot by working here and I’m so excited!

I have now been in Tanzania for one month and been working here for about three weeks. This country is filled with kind people who are all taking care of me and welcoming me in the best way possible. I have also had a warm welcome here at the UNA office, everyone who works here is really nice, inspiring and full of knowledge and I’m sure that I will learn a lot from them while I’m working here. So far my work has consisted of writing different rapports, attending events and learning how UNA Tanzania is working on a day-to-day basis. A lot of things here are different from Sweden and I’m learning something new every day.

I have been in Tanzania a few times before and I am more than happy to be back to do my internship here. It feels like it was just yesterday I landed in a very hot and beautiful Dar es Salaam but it has already been a month, time really flies when you are having a good time. I’m really looking forward to the following months!

Kind regards,
Ingrid Perbo


My name is Hannes Berggren and I am this year’s international intern from UNA Sweden. In Sweden I study Political Science and Economics, and I am engaged in the student union and The Association of Foreign Affairs. My time here with UNA Tanzania is rushing, and it is hard to believe it is almost over. During my time at UNA Tanzania I have learnt a great deal about international development cooperation, planning and implementation of projects, advocacy work and the process of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Tanzania and East Africa. Assignments have included to write reports on topics such as the status of implementation of SDGs in Tanzania and local government authorities involvement in the process, perform research, develop project ideas and write project proposals, attend and help plan interesting workshops and seminars, write articles, carry out media monitoring and much more.

I have greatly enjoyed living in Dar es Salaam and interning with UNA Tanzania, and I would like to thank the organization for these four months of interesting assignments, challenging discussions and great laughs. I can only say tutaonana UNAT and Tanzania, see you soon again!



My name is Alexandra Axelsson and I am a 24-year-old student from Sweden. This spring I am doing an internship here at UNA Tanzania and I couldn’t be more excited.

Back in Sweden I am currently taking a Bachelor’s degree in Global Studies with a major in Development studies. The focus of my program is closely related to the work of UNA Tanzania, concerning human rights and sustainable development. My internship at UNA will be a great experience that I hope will further educate me on these important issues, both from a theoretical and practical standpoint. I have a great interest in learning more about local civil society organisations and how they work, and this is the perfect place for it.

My first months here at UNA Tanzania have passed very quickly. I have gotten the warmest of welcomes from the lovely people at the office of UNA and it makes me sad to think that I will have to leave this place soon. So far my tasks have been various, ranging from participating in meetings and workshops, creating proposals for upcoming projects and writing reports and articles related to the issues and fields that they are engaged in here at UNA Tanzania. All and all I have been learning about their organization on a daily basis and participated in the great work that they are doing here.

This is my first time in Tanzania and I have to say, it’s not like any other country I’ve visited before. Dar es Salaam is a beautiful place with even more beautiful people who quickly made me feel at home here, especially my colleagues at the UNA office. Working here having such a great time being a part of the organisation has had me convinced, my first trip to Tanzania certainly wont be my last.

Kind Regards,

Alexandra Axelsson


my name is Helge and I am the new intern at UNA Tanzania. This is my first visit to Tanzania
and I am already amazed by how strong the community ties are here. Everybody is helping each other
out and I feel most welcome everywhere I go, not least at the UNA office.

Prior to coming to Tanzania, I have been volunteering for an online platform called focused around foreign
aid and the role of Sweden abroad. I have also been working with exchange students – both students
coming to Sweden and Swedish students going abroad. My academic background is interdisciplinary
with a bachelor’s in Development and International Cooperation’s and an on-going master in Global
Health at Uppsala University.

As previous interns here have already mentioned, time truly flies by and I can’t believe it is only a
month left of my internship. So far, my duties have been varied, which I enjoy. As my supervisor is the
Human Right/SDG program officer, my tasks have largely been related to his responsibilities. Among
other things, I have participated in the creation of an SDG training manual, put together project
proposals and provided UNA with educational material for the Right(s) Way Forward (RWF) project on

I addition, I have summarized the African Peer Review Mechanism (APRM) and selected four “monitor
agents” (research assistants) for the African Monitor Citizen Report – a research project aiming to
obtain citizen-generated data on the implementation of the SDGs in Tanzania. Other than that, me and
the other interns are eagerly participating in as many workshops and events regarding Agenda 2030
as possible; The Global day for Action, The UN day and the monthly Policy Forum breakfast debate
just to name a few.

I spend most of my time outside work either playing basketball or exploring the city of Dar es Salaam.
The proximity to the Indian Ocean is truly special as marine life and diving are big interests of mine. I
also had a chance to attend Kenya Nights – a cultural festival in Nairobi with artists such as Major
Lazor. It was epic.

To be in an environment where people from different religions, ethnical groups and social classes live
and prosper side by side is a sight of joy. Dar is a terrific example of how good integration is showcased
and definitely, somewhere I will return to in the future!

Helge Drebold
Intern UNA Tanzania

Local Interns

My name is Deborah Kaluzi, a Bachelor student at the Center for Foreign Relations pursuing International Relations and Diplomacy. I am also among the first 50 Global Goals Champions in Tanzania, Youth of United Nations Association active member and the current Deputy Minister of Internal and External Affairs at my university.

I am currently doing my field placement at the UNA Tanzania offices and I am glad to say that it has indeed been an amazing experience so far. Programs and projects under UNA Tanzania go hand in hand with my field of study and the areas I am passionate about like Gender issues and the Sustainable Development Goals. I have learned so much in a few weeks, as my main focus is on communication and also participating in meetings, workshops, assisting in the report and article writing. The colleagues at the UNA Tanzania offices have been so welcoming and cooperative at all times.

I am determined to bring positive changes in my community and happy to be among the UNA Tanzania team as an intern working towards accomplishing the organization’s main agenda and bringing people close to the United Nations.



Deborah J. Kaluzi


My name is LilianMmbaga 22 years old, currently, a student at the University of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania pursuing B.A in Mass communication. I’m doing an internship here at the United Nations Association of Tanzania as an Organizational and Communication Officer. Apart from studying, I engage in Media outlets like Radio and Television were basically dealing with news reporting, hosting Radio programs and online uploads. I have been volunteering in photojournalism and being a videographer in different school events.

Also, I like being involved in multiple projects like campaigns and advocating projects mostly for community development. Whenever I envision that I could be so close to the UN, I cannot help feeling excited.

I hope this internship program will provide a defining experience like to serve as a bridge linking my academic training with the larger world where this training is to be applied. Also, it will improve my ability to deal with complicated realities and to put theoretical knowledge to practical use as well as to see my strengths and limitations. Above all, I’m expecting that it will reinforce my determination to seek more advanced academic training basically in development studies so that I can become a truly high-achieving community development advocate that I have always wanted to be.