Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights

The health rights of adolescents, youth and young women is a priority for UNA Tanzania. Meeting the sexual and reproductive health needs of young people is vital to the attainment of Sustainable Development Goals, especially in improving the overall status of youth, young women, and poverty reduction among households.

Our Approach is through

Advocating for SRHR enabling environment for Adolescents, Youth and Young Group.

Promoting Sexual Reproductive Health Services and Social Protection of in and out of school adolescence girls and boys.

Strengthening teachers and parents’ ability to deliver SRHR information to adolescence boys and girls.

Engaging with LGAs, Ministry, CSOs and Academic Institution in implementation of SRHR programs and services through policy and Strategic plan.

Design age appropriate services and activities to deliver SRHR services such as Menstrual and Hygiene Management Services, Training Mentorship and Counseling, 3D Animations, Games and Sports and Debates.

Conduct Refreshers training for Health Services Providers to deliver integrated and Friendly Health Services in response to Adolescence, Youth and Young Women Reproductive Health Needs

Address the intersectionality of issues pertaining to Gender Based Violence and its impact on Adolescence, Youth and Young Women Development.