What We Do


This program aims at effective and inclusive local implementation of the SDGs with adherence to the principles of Human Rights and Gender equality in Tanzania. UNA Tanzania has been playing a leading role in campaigning for SDGs awareness, implementation and stakeholders’ engagement. UNA Tanzania has worked in over 10 regions in the country, reaching out to Youth, Women and People with disabilities in carrying out capacity building and strengthening, education, advocacy and lobbying activities to increase stakeholders’ influence and participation in implementing the 2030 Agenda without Leaving No One Behind.

We put efforts in promoting the implementation of the 2030 agenda on Sustainable Development focusing on…… read more


The current economic and social context in Tanzania today is creating very diverse challenges for young people. They are often the first to be affected by unemployment and discrimination. With increasing fragmentation and economic inequalities of our societies, there is a real risk of democratic disillusionment and social exclusion of young people. Accelerating Youth Participation in Decision making integrated livelihood empowerment programme seeks to achieve the active participation and autonomy of young people in peaceful and inclusive societies of Tanzania. The project is based on youth capacity development on leadership and livelihood programs that actively involves young people …. read more


The Right(s) Way forward is developed to be a community based participatory tool that aims at empowering community members to analyze the community’s environmental degradations, gender inequalities, their use of and control over natural resources and to advocate for their rights. The tool is emphasizing community ownership of the process and creating a space for dialogue between rights holders and duty bearers to address the community’s concerns in a collaborative manner. 

The overall aim of the process is to empower and enable the community members to analyze and act upon the community’s environmental degradations, access and control over resources, human rights violations and to advocate to hold state institutions accountable …. read more