Deep Diving in the Tanzania Youth Manifesto (2020-2025)

Tanzania is a young nation with more than 50% of its population aged below 35. While acknowledging that youth are significant assets for Tanzania’s attainment of Tanzania development Vision (Vision 2025), the National Youth Development Policy recognizes the importance of preparing them as leaders and partners to drive the force, and to play a vital role in the socio-economic transformation of the nation.

 The Vision 2025 can be realized if Tanzanians (including youth) capitalize on their strengths, engage the appropriate driving forces for development, and effectively avoid the impediments, which have held back their development.

The panelists of the session gave insights on the following:

  • How the government, private sectors and institutions addresses young people’s impediments in its diversity.
  • How and if Tanzania youth are given enough spaces and capacity to contribute and deliver to the development priorities set in the Vision 2025.
  • What can be done to unleash young people’s potential towards achieving inclusive development in Tanzania.

Our Secretary General, Reynald Maeda who is also the co-chair of the CSOs working group (East African Region) for the African Regional Forum for Sustainable Development stressed that youth have available opportunities that we need to take and work on them for a sustainable future:

  • The National Youth Development Policy 2007 Review
  • The Coming Five Year Development Plan III (2020/21 – 2024/25)
  • The Sustainable Development Goals 2030.